The Next Chapter

When the Kids Grow up


When you are raising small children, it can seem like the days of dirty diapers, terrifying tantrums, and spontaneous snuggles will never end. As your own mother may be fond of telling you, however, you will be moving your youngest child out before you know it. If you suddenly have an empty nest and a wealth of hours to fill, there are numerous ways to embrace this momentous change.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Everywhere you look, there are opportunities to volunteer, but some of these opportunities are difficult or impossible to pursue when you have kids in tow. If you have always had an itch to assist natural disaster victims, help the underpriviledged, or build hospitals in developing nations, then now is your chance. Check billboards at your local library or community center for some ideas about how to get started.

Go Back To Work

If you did not work when your kids were at home, then you may be thrilled at the prospect of joining the work force now. Many employers will welcome the skills you have cultivated though years of managing your kids’ needs. You can also enter your preferred field after obtaining proper training. For example, after completing a certification program, you could work in a Montessori preschool as a Montessori teacher.

Chase New Passions

Now that you are not toting your kids to all their activities, you can tote yourself to some of your own. For the athletically inclined, adult recreational sports leagues are available in most local areas. If sports are not your thing, try kicking off a new hobby, joining a drama club, or taking an astronomy class at your community college. Of course, you always have the option to try a little bit of everything.

Reinvent Yourself

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While your kids lived at home, you may not always have much emotional energy to devote to your friends and other family members. Now, you can invest extra effort into these cherished relationships. Since nothing will ever change the fact that you are a mom, you can also visit your children in their new environments and develop lasting friendships with the adults they are becoming, and not to mention the close relationship you will have with your grandkids that will soon follow.

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